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  Enter Dexter aka Dexter is an Amsterdam based event, party and festival organisation, operating in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. We’ve been creating club nights, concerts, dj-acts and festivals for a decade. We started out with an intimate night at the Supperclub, called GirlsLoveDJs; a globally renowned brand and concept for years that transferred into a dj-act in 2013.

Our goal has always been to create nightlife and music products that are profitable and credible at the same time; quality for the masses, so to speak.

Most of our products are initiated, created, built and sold in-house by the Dexter team. Besides this the company is part of and plays an important role in major in –and outdoor dance festivals in Holland. Dexter is all about creating products in the zeitgeist of young nightlife lovers. This is what we truly love to do, what we have been doing for years, and what we plan on doing for many years to come.

Our greatest achievements have been: building the GirlsLoveDJs brand internationally and transforming it into a successful dj-act, creating massive ‘solid sell out’ dance festival and selling over fifty thousand merchandise items worldwide.
  Since 2012 Dexter has been co-creating the Amsterdam Open Air festival, Kingsday Festival, Valhalla Festival, TIKTAK festival and TIKTAK NYE event at Heineken Music Hall. Which annually attract an estimated one hundred twenty thousand EDM-enthusiast, and are all rapidly expanding.

Below you’ll find the links to our concepts by clicking on the logos. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to hook up and ask your question. See you around.
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